Understand your users with the ease of reading a children’s story book

We summarize your product’s data and insights so you can simply read stories. Focus on the why. Rewrite stories with the changes you make. Connect stories to revenue.

stories only

Focus on opportunities where you can have a major impact on revenue and retention.

  • Go after the most promising opportunities first so you can achieve your business goals faster.
  • Make changes at the right place, at the right time for your users over and over again. They'll feel like you are reading their mind.
  • No more second guessing if the work you are doing is the work you should be doing. We'll alert you if more promising opportunities arise.

Follow the plot

Spend more time with your users and your team interpreting the why. We know your time is precious so we’re always looking for ways to tell your users' stories better. Understand:

  • Who your users are
  • What they expected to do
  • How they actually did it
  • How successful they were
  • How satisfied they were

Be the hero

Take swift action. Build your intuition by iterating with your entire user base.

  • Get a deep understanding of what happened by seeing how the story changed.
  • Be certain about the impact of the changes you make.
  • Build confidence by observing the effect of small changes before investing more.