Our Mission

We want to empower creators across the globe to solve the world’s problems with unprecedented effectiveness and speed. To do that we believe teams and individuals need access to the best possible information regardless of their skillset. They also need to try ideas with minimal effort. We’ve experienced the magic of it firsthand. Every person feels included and empowered. The divergent ideation that follows is fun, meaningful, and profitable. 

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Philipp Cannons

Co-Founder & CEO

U of Michigan. AI & Growth @ MSFT Outlook. Data Science @ Amazon Kindle.

Adrian Green

Co-Founder & Head of Data Science

U of Toronto. First Data Scientist @ MSFT Outlook. Engineered Azure Cloud. Owner of AudioNotch.com. 

Tony Yoo

Co-Founder & Head of Design

Past @ EA, Star Wars, Mercedes, Xbox, Outlook, Kohler + many more.

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